Not Scared To Admit It

Many weeks of spike hectic in our lives this year.  Won’t get started on last year, that wasn’t without medical concerns, either.  Reflecting brings on too much stare time, but the spikes have a pattern that indicates “just wait until this is over” attitude.  We waited between spikes with some relief and a knowing that “it ain’t over yet.”

Suspect  E R could be our next visit.  Pattern seems to be medical attention is most necessary on weekends when Monday Friday nine to five visits are not available.

Spiritual attention we do get from devotions, radio programs, and “angels-on-call” visits twice a week with non-fast-food dinners.  We cherish the visits.

You might think we’re up in years. We are.  We acted ten years younger just two years ago.  Time tells on us.  We’re not too scared to admit it.  Now it’s past bedtime so this page is to be continued. 7-24-16 – or later. Yet to come is CT scan and findings — no cancer is a find.

We are not into road trips that take us away from a 10-15 mile radius.  Dr appts and shopping for necessities about covers it. Fatigue sets in and calls for a nap.  We’re okay with that.  Robo phone calls are fewer (unavailable, etc) so our attention is domestic.  The perfunctories get done, extras take a bit longer.  Ah, yes,please do vacuum.

Now May 2017 and the above still about truth be told.  Specifics blur the medical schedules — no, the schedules blur the specifics.  Eight months of chemo gets little applause.  Current clinical trial three months done and five months to go.  CTs monthly show only “stable;” the last one maybe “roughly stable” as the good Doctor Oliff suspects lesions in abdomen and lymph nodes may be more than simple lesions.  So Tuesday, May 9, will be more clearly identify the “spots.”  Staying prayed up.



Journal Picking

WordPress wins. At the behest of comparing sites for blogging a journal, the next steps are baby steps.  The readers may note the attempts to find a sparkle in dialogue very peculiar.  That’s unintentional, just loosening up for the next go-round.  At least one will stay. Me.

The freshest news, besides the weather that anyone can talk about, is what happened today.  No, actually, it started days ago.  We had some extra (never free) time after lunch, so we opted for an early (before 3000 miles) oil change.  The 100 point inspection to the ten-year-old car noted stabilizer link problem.  Extra time won and we started home.

As we turned corners or did stop-starts at traffic signs, the “klunk” became annoying.  The hour of the day was too late to return to the car shop, so we called them.  After phone tag, we were encouraged to bring the car in at 8AM Saturday (the next day) and we did.  The bill for stabilizer links and worn out struts would come after 8 hours of labor.  In the meantime, I got a ride home for a nice brunch, then a pickup to pay the bill at 4PM.  No more clunk, and retained trust in the car shop techs.  That’s upgrade for mechanic.

Gotta confide to myself that “thank you, Lord” passes my lips nearly every time I do not have unexpected car problems.  Transportation is “on call” for meeting medical appointments and medical appointments are fairly frequent of late. That’s a blogging side-trap, though.  Where was I?

So Sunday was regular; a church day, a lunch day, a home day.  No “klunk” and confident travel.  Today, Monday, same story, almost.  Monthly lunch at the big church for seniors.  The lunch is for seniors, the church is for everybody.  Then a rush to a medical appointment. Then home for a nap.